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Welcome To  Brothers' Computer Technology Of Institute and Languages Center 


Teachers' Photos presentation
including Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute and languages center Vice-deputy Abdirahman Shire Yabarow the above photo is Brocotin's vice-deputy Abdirahman Shire who resides now in Mogadishu, Somalia where the institute still operates during hard times and dedicates whole his life to educate Somali people while he works under hardship times so the history will remember and keep it. the history can not be hidden.
May Allah bless him for his  ongoing activity and all Somalis.
He is the current vice-deputy of Brothers' Computer Technology
This is photo's Yahye Omar Suleiman.
He is one of veteran teachers at Brocotin
where he works right now at the institute during hard times in the country and teaches Somali people for the last modern computer technology. he is the head of information Technology.
this photo was taken at the institute during given practical formatting and installations for the students.
Teacher Yahye is one of honesty and loyal teachers at the institute
and put pressure to educate Somali rising-youth who lost their education in more than decade.
Teacher Yahye is currently lives in Mogadishu.
Abdikarim Hirey Abdule one of unforgettable and young teachers at Brothers' Computer Technology of institute and languages center
he is   computer Software and hardware teacher at the institute
where he currently works and teaches at the section 2 Brothers' Computer Technology in South Africa.the insitute may have branches for foreign countries.so you see him he is young,talented,experienced,hardwork,intelligent teacher some people ask themselves he is so young and teacher, this means in the previous time adult people used to be teacher ,but time has changed.
'Being teacher does not depend on young and adult,but depends on your activity and hardwork' Brocotin Director, Nageye says
Hassan Mohamud Adow.( Hassanow)
one of clerk at Brothers' Computer Technology of institute and languages center.teacher Hassan is the head of financial at the institute during his time at the institute he did many activities and duties and he was given medal for his hardwork.
Teacher Hassan now lives and works in South Africa where he went on the late years.
Sabrie Ahmed Hashi ( Savana ) is one of veteran and well-known
teachers not only Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute and
Languages Center,but also in Somali.
Teacher Sabriye graduated from Brothers' Compute Technology
and was one of hight top mark's students.
Teacher Sabrie joined Brothers' Computer Technology teachers
and was given teachers' training by the head of the institute
Teacher Sabrie taught uncountable students during his present in
the institute he took acivity rule and efforts by teaching Somali rising-youth unrelentedly not only professional teacher,but he also has football professional skills he with his heasmaster Mohamed Omar Mohamed ( Nageye). they are good football players.
the institute participated many football tournament which was held in Mogadisu as well as other regions in the country and won many trophies
Ultimately,teacher Sabrie currently resides and works in Nairobi
Zakaria Mohamed Ibrahim surnamed ( Ibnu Haghi ) is one of talented,hardwork and active teachers at Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute and Languages Center
He developed Software and Hardware during his training and careers at Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute and Languages Center,he worked as a teacher at the institute later he became the head of IT department during his present at the institute, he taught and gave seminars many students graduated from Brothers' Computer Technology teacher Sakariye is unforgettable teacher,young as he is he is responsible and hardwork teacher, he will be remembered forever.
Teacher Sakariye currently works and resides in Nairobi
Muqtar Moalim Yusuf ( Fanax) is one of veteran and hardwork teachers  at Brothers' Computer Technology of institute and languages center where he graduated in 2007 and now he is a teacher after he was  given teacher's trainig by the head of the institute teacher Muqtar is a head software department and now operates at the institute where he works during hard times in Somali.
 He is brave and talented teacher and continues his daily job at the    institute,the Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute operates in
country and the vice-deputy and teachers continue their daily jobs.
 this indicates that they dedicate their lives by teaching Somali youth.
Mohamed Qadar Ali Burfule ( Nero) is the youngest teacher at
Brothers' computer technology of institute and language center where he used to be a learner at the institute.
He graduated and was given his diploma by the headmaster of Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute Mr. Mohamed Omar Mohamed ( Nageye).
Teacher Nero is one of be loved and hardwork teachers at the
institute when parents come at the office reception.
He welcomes the parents with smiling and good manner and
gives them information about ongoing activities and duties of
the institute.the parents get back while they are satisfied and mobilized their sons and daughters to be like teacer Nero
how is he young and responsible?.
the responsibility does not depend on adult or young ,but depends on loyalty,talented,hardwork and trust.
Teacher Mohamed Qadar Ali Burfule currently lives and works at Brothers' computer technology of Institute in Mogadishu,Somalia.
Mohamed Hagi Ahmed ( Siraadalah) is among the honest and loyal teachers at the Brothers' Computer Technology of institute and languages center. he was the head of computer Netwoking.
He studied and graduated at the institute in 2005.
where he became a teacher at the institute.
He teaches somali Students unrelentedly and takes lion's share for the teaching program at the institute.
Siraadalaah who later went to South Africa to launch his new business.
He currently resides and works in South Africa
Abdulahi Omar Mohamed ( Abdulahi Elbocle)
veteran and talented teacher at Brothers' computer Technology of
instiute and languages center. teacher Abdulahi Omar was one of
remarkable and experienced teachers at Brothers' Computer Technology teacher Abdulahi Omar Mohamed graduated from Brothers' Computer technology in the early years and got IT diploma.
He became teacher at the institute. he was Software teacher
during his presence he took activity rule towards teaching programs
of computer different programs at the institute.
Teacher Abdulahi currently lives and works in South Africa where he lauches his career of business and part time teaches at Brothers' Computer Technology of institute and languages center in South Africa
branch where the institute  operates.
Teacher Abdirizaq is the veteran and active teachers at Brothers' Computer Technology of Institute and Languages Center he is the vice deputy of Information Technology.
He studied and graduated at Brothers' Computer Technology at 2007 where he joined teachers members later he became the IT vice deputy he worked as a teac her at Brothers' Compuer Technology
he is wellknown and actve teacher.
Now he works and resides in South Africa

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                               Designed by Mohamed Omar Mohamed ( Naga)

 Brothers' Computer Technology Of Institute And Languages Center